The packaging makes the difference

High demands are made today on packaging. Primarily, of course it has to protect the product. Simultaneously, it has to fulfil the requirements of logistics and has to be stacked, stored and transported easily. What also is important is that you present you product obviously, distinguishable and attractive in order to encourage several target groups buying. Bock packaging will meet your individual requirements completely - in terms of shape, function and economic efficiency.


You have got the product. Bock-PACK develops and supplies your individual, product-related and promotional packaging.

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Rectangular boxes

The squared classics. For decades our clients are served by our varied program of rectangular boxes.

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Round boxes

The ideal shape for various applications. Whether bulk goods or seperate products, round boxes are used for various applications.

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Your product should leave a lasting impression? Then, you are exactly right with Bock-PACK.

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Special containers

Although we already have a very extensive program for special containers, it might happen that customers

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Production data acquisition and production planning system with control station guarantee the execution

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